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You never know who's watching you

There was once a time where I questioned my ability and glad I’m not there anymore and I’ve proven my value over and over again in the face of my audience. Y’all have watched me fail, be challenged, be defeated, and flourish over the years. Like I stated before... some people want what you have...even during these times.


Last night during April’s free training I was reminded that I still find so much joy in teaching (check my stories...FULL❤️) why I do this work and why it’s so important to educate and teach my community. The free monthly trainings are back and the replay to any training I’ve mentioned in my stories can be purchased HERE. The two newest ones I’ve released are: How to use iPhone mockups for your business (which is becoming a Best Seller) or brand and Branding your Business for FREE.

Back to the last night...we discussed:

Building what we want our audience to see. Your brand isn’t just your logo and website.

Products and pricing tiers to make your first 1K online.

Housing your products and services.

Building interest and speaking the language of your audience.

Pitching via social media.

I also debuted one of our new services... The Business and Brand Analysis. This service is for those who have created the product, service, and brand but you’re lacking clarity, people aren’t buying what you’re putting out, you’re struggling to get in front of your audience and your brand and business is all over the place, ultimately holding up your coins and not making you the money you desire. You book yours now HERE

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